Saturday, July 23, 2011

Newest Project: An Old Tee to a New Tee!

I have been wanting to make a one-shouldered dress for a while, but just today sat down & started cutting up old shirts.  Here's what I came up with:

For now, I'm going to convert tees into new tees for $30 + shipping.
I'll be converting into a dress version soon...
(I just need to get a few other projects completed before I take this new one on too!)

So - if you LOVE this style, send me an old tee of yours, your size specifications (as outlined in the "ordering instructions" tab above) and I'll work my magic!

I think this will be ADORABLE with jeans & heels once the weather turns a bit cooler.  
Ahhh.... those awesome fall afternoons spent in a football stadium.  


Brittany said...
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JamieLynn19 said...

I LOVE that! Are you still making them? As soon as Ive relocated back home, Id like to send a shirt to you for one!

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