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Have a custom-made dress made & be the envy of all of your friends at the next game, tailgating party, watch party or function!

Do I only create collegiate gameday dresses?
No - I can also create sorority dresses, charity dresses, business dresses, high school team dresses, etc.  
If you have a tee-shirt, I can convert it!

Note that I only create dresses from YOUR old tee.  I do not provide the tee-shirt, but am someone that just CONVERTS your tee into a new style or a new dress.

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Interested in ordering a custom-made gameday dress?
Here's what I need from you:
  1. A T-Shirt -- I will need a tee-shirt that you want cut up & converted into a dress.  For a strapless dress, the shirt needs to fit you or be a bit too large; I can make the bodice bigger if the shirt is too small for you, but it's easier if it already fits you.
    1. Tube/Strapless Style (most common):  Send me a tee that currently fits you or is too big; a small tee is hard to work with for strapless dresses.
    2. Halter Style:  If you're wanting a halter dress, you need to send me a tight-fitting shirt. I even use Youth sizes Medium & Large for myself...
    3. Tank Style:  The tank needs to fit you snugly.  A baggy tank doesn't work as well.
    4. Short-sleeved Style:  I highly suggest sending a fitted (snug) v-neck or scoopneck tee; the run-of-the-mill unisex crewneck tees don't easily turn into cute short-sleeved dresses.
    5. Long-sleeved style:  Again, you need to send me a snug/fitted v-neck or scoopneck tee; these work best.  Baggy styles do not work as well.
    6. One-Shouldered style:  A tee that is a bit too big for you works best.  Also, something with a smaller graphic across the front; anything with a large graphic will have to be cut into to make it work in this style.
  2. Your Sizes -- Here's what all info I need from you:
    1. Bust size (not just "34", but "34B" -- be specific, please)
    2. Your waist size (along with what size jeans you wear)
    3. How tall you are & how long you want your skirt to be (knee-length, just above the knee, and "short" are all standard options) 
    4. TOTAL length for your dress, in inches  (measured from your armpit to where you want the hem to hit)
    5. Your size in general (xsmall, small, medium, large, etc).
  3. Specifications for Skirt Fabric -- I have a wonderful fabric store just a few miles from my house.  Once I have your shirt in-hand, I'll work with you on picking out coordinating fabric for your skirt and sash for your dress.  If you are wanting a particular color or fabric design, I can usually accommodate your request -- just let me know what you have in mind!
  4. Payment -- Payment is due up front for all orders.  Pricing guidelines are outlined below.

I also convert tees into cute tanks as well!  I can convert most tees into halter, one-shoulder & strapless styles!!
(Note that I cannot convert a tee into a regular tank top with scoop neck & small straps)

I can usually create your dress & have it back to you within 2-6 weeks.  
This is dependent, however, on how busy I currently am.  I am a Mom to two kids, a high school teacher & just moved into a new house.  Needless to say, I don't have a ton of time, but I LOVE sewing & try to make as much time as I can for my hobby.
(Check my main page for current accurate turnaround time)

If you need a dress faster, please let me know; I can rush an order for an additional charge.

(Message me to check on my current turnaround time...)

NOTE:  I do my best to find unique fabrics (most are 100% cotton) to coordinate with your tee that you send; I will work with you to find something that you like.  
In addition, the color sash you want may not always be available in a satin fabric (which is always my first choice for making sashes); in such case, I use 100% cotton to make sashes.


Strapless Dresses = $50
Halter Dresses = $50
Tank Dresses = $50
One-Shoulder Dresses = $50
Short-Sleeved Dresses = $50
Long-Sleeved Dresses = $50
Maxi Dress = $70

Skirt & Sash Only = $30

(Any dress over size 12 will be charged a $10 upcharge fee -- sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.  This is simply to cover the extra materials used.)

Womens Tee Conversion: Halter, One-Shoulder or Strapless Tube Top = $30

Little Girls Gameday Tube Dresses with Straps = $40
Little Girls Tank Dresses = $40
Little Girls Gameday Halter Dresses = $40

(currently unavailable)
Boutique Burp Cloths = $8 each 
Boutique Burp Cloths with lined back = $9 each
Large Flannel Swaddling Blanket = $15
Large Flannel Swaddling Blanket (lined with Minky fabric) = $25
*Set of 1 non-lined Swaddling Blanket & 2 Burps = $27
* Set of 2 non-lined Swadding Blankets & 3 Burps = $48

Beach Towel = $15
Set of 2 Tea Towels = $15

Coupon Wallet = $12

(The buyer agrees to pay a fixed shipping charge; this covers actual shipping costs, tracking number/delivery confirmation, and supplies)
One item = $6.00 (Priority Mail)
Two items = $9.00  (Priority Mail)
Three items = $10.00  (Priority Mail)

If you are a Texas resident & you want your dress shipped to a Texas address, please add 8.25% tax to your GRAND TOTAL (price of the dress + rush fee + shipping).
Message me if you need help calculating or have questions.

(this form must accompany your tee & payment when you ship it in)
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